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CAMID Profile

CAMID was established by Handicap International in 2005. It was a project to focus on disability and inclusion in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. During the initial years, CAMID was mainly involved in awareness rising on rights of persons with disabilities, increasing accessibility to the built environment and promoting general inclusion activities in the community. Since 2010 it has mainly focused on empowering people with disabilities to access services and asserts their rights. CAMID has experience and expertise in empowering individuals and organizing communities of persons living with disability and providing technical expertise on inclusion. It is an organization known for facilitating disability persons’ organizations (DPOs) at a community level. CAMID has been registered in July 2011 as Non Profitable Guarantee Limited (CAMID Guarantee Limited) under Registrar of company. CAMID is based in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka with a head office in Batticaloa.

CAMID is to improve the quality of person with disability and their families, Promoting their active participation and social inclusion with the characteristics as follows:

  • Nonpolitical , Non Profitable and Non-Religious
  • Sensitive and respectful towards all cultures
  • Doing activities in accordance to ground realities and humanitarian principles
  • A work force made up of equality in ethnicity and gender
  • Accountable and transparent towards all stakeholders


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